Our Mustang Stampede is coming up on Friday, November 17.

Help us be prepared for one of Cocopah's BIGGEST EVENTS...
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What is this Mustang Stampede?

Expected to be this year's biggest school event, The Mustang Stampede is a fun filled community afternoon that goes on into the evening.... we'll have rides, games, activities, music, art projects, photo opportunities, food, a chance to learn more about the school and hear from our new principal.


2:30-4:30pm: Cocopah Students + Cocopah Teachers
(requires an entrance fee + a student release)

4:30-6:30pm: Open to the Community - parents + siblings are encouraged to join in on the fun, in addition to all present 5th graders who will be attending Cocopah in 2018. (no fee)
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Purchase a $7 student entrance bracelet for the 2:30-4:30pm part of the event:

Student entrance bracelets are $7 and only available to be purchased online up until November 16.
After, student entrance bracelets will be available at the gate for $10.

Please acknowlege the following:

Students present from the 4:30-6:30pm time-frame will be unsupervised.
Parents/Guardians are expected to be present with their children during this time frame.
Make a contribution to classroom baskets for my student(s) grade(s):

I am interested in volunteering at the event, please contact me:

Pre-purchase raffle tickets bundles:

There will be lots of amazing things to win with our raffle tickets. Skip the line and get your tickets early by pre-purchasing them.
Tickets will be filled out with your name and held at the APT table for you at the event.
You will have the choice to place your tickets with the prize you'd like to win.

To help us plan appropriately, please let us know how many people in your family to expect for the evening portion of the event between 4:30-6:30pm:

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Consider pre-purchasing our new Spiritwear before the event - a special raffle will be done for all our new Spiritwear wearers at the event and all orders placed in October are discounted.

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