Cocopah APT 2017-18 Survey
Our Cocopah APT (Cocopah’s Association of Parents and Teachers) is reviewing our progress for the 2017-18 school year and making plans in preparation for next year.

As a member of the Cocopah community, your input is an important part of our self-assessment.

This survey will take about 5 minutes to complete, and your answers will be invaluable to our future steps.
Let's get started
Do you think our APT is effectively improving the quality of education and the middle school experience for Cocopah students?

Do you believe the primary goals of our APT should be to:

- create a closer relationship between the home and the school so that parents and educators may cooperate intelligently in the training, enrichment and welfare of the children at Cocopah Middle School,

- support a high educational standard for the school, and

- further a spirit of cooperation among teachers, parents, the school district, and residents of the community
Did you know we have committed to assisting Cocopah with $85,000 each year?

The money earned pays for teacher aides, office support, student events, and necessary school supplies and equipment.
Are you interested in having a vote on how donation money is spent at Cocopah?

This benefits 900+ students, 50+ teachers, and 600+ families
Did you know that the APT Board had 20 vacant leadership positions that were not filled this year?

The APT is organized and operated entirely by volunteers. The APT Board is the group of volunteers that takes responsibility for planning and leading APT activities.

Do you feel the need to participate (volunteer or donate) with the APT?

This school year, have you:

I have used the following to stay informed:

What (new and old) programs, activities, or goals would you like to see the APT support in the future?

If we continue to have multiple vacant positions on our board, what programs, positions, event or activities do you think we could eliminate?

Do you have any suggestions for ways the APT could improve?

Are you a: *

Parent / Guardian

Student(s) in grade(s):

Teaching grade(s):


Are you interested in / know someone else who you think would be a great addition for an APT board or leadership position in 2018-19?

Sign up / Nominate them below:
Thank you for the time you’ve taken to help the APT review its progress and plan for the future!
Your insights are invaluable.

Want to remain anonymous but also want to volunteer for an APT board or leadership position in 2018-19? We’d love to have you! Please contact by email!
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